Help your yoga community and help yourself. Don’t let financial challenges hold you back. Bikram Yoga Mile High offers opportunities for dedicated Bikram Yoga practitioners. If you have a strong desire, a strong practice and a strong work ethic, please apply for the Bikram Yoga Mile High Work Study Program. Applications are available at the front desk or can be submitted below.

Work Study Guidelines

  • Must be a current student in order to apply for the work study program
  • Practice exclusively at Bikram Yoga Mile High.
  • Practice a minimum of two times per week.
  • Set a good example. Practice often and follow the recommended studio etiquette.
  • Support and promote Bikram Yoga Mile High in and out of the studio. You are a representative!
  • Every job is important. Approach every task with a positive attitude and willingness to work hard.


Thank you for submitting your application. Namaste!